Online Booking

In order to improve access to your doctor, the medical clinic adopts the ADAPTED ACCESS approach..

This reorganization in the way of assigning appointments aims to improve access to your doctor.

The full physician schedule will now be available 4 weeks in advance.
The slots reserved for appointments made several months in advance will be limited.

For a more specific appointment or for an appointment with a specialist, please sent us an email at

COVD19: Due to the current pandemic, appointments are by phone. Do not come to the clinic. After evaluation, the doctor will tell you if you need to come to the clinic..

Terms of Service

By using the appointments online, you agree to the following conditions:

 You cannot make an appointment with a doctor who is not your family doctor or your attending doctor.

 If your appointment concerns a first visit, you cannot use online appointment booking. Please sent us an email at We will get back to you shortly.

 Clinic staff can cancel or change the date and time of your appointment. An email will be sent to you or you will be contacted by phone.

WARNING: This online service is secured but not the confirmation emails.